Travel to Båstad

& Bjärehalvön

Traveling in Båstad and Bjärehalvön
Skånetrafiken is responsible for all public transport by train, bus and car in Skåne. The traffic is divided into four business areas: city bus, regional bus, train and service trips. All traffic is driven by entrepreneurs who get around by train, bus and car. The yellow regional buses links together the small and large towns. Trains creat fast connections between more than 40 locations in southern Sweden. Prices, time schedule and other information about how to use public transport in Skåne can be found via the link above. To Halland Väderö (summer only), there are ferry connections from Torekov.

Travel to Båstad and Bjärehalvön
The nearest airports are Ängelholm / Helsingborg Airport and Malmö Airport (Malmö Aviation and SAS operates)(Kullaflyg operates Ängelholm/Helsingborg och Halmstad airport) . With SJ you travel to Lund or Malmö for further travel to the northwest with Skånetrafiken or with car, which is convenient transportation here on the west coast of Sweden. You can also go to Copenhagen and on up to Helsingör with the Öresund trains, going from Malmö every 20 minutes throughout the day. There are direct trains to / from Copenhagen from other cities in southern Sweden, for example, Ystad, Lund, Helsingborg. To Ystad you can also go by ferry with Unity Line from Poland.

If you come with your own boat? There are many nice guest marinas in our area.