Beaches in Båstad

Dicover the different typ of beaches around cape Bjare. Choose between sand or dramatic cliffs, grass or very shallow beaches. 


Sandy beach with jetty, kiosk, parking space. Located in the center of Bastad close to the harbor and other activities.

Hovs Hallar

Hovs Hallar is the steepest coast part at Bjärehalvön and has been described as fabulous, almost extraterrestrial. It has lovely rocky beaches and caves.

Ingelstorp Strand

Beautiful Ingelstorp with the wonderful little harbour of  Norrebro! You sunbathe in the nature reserve  with beach meadows where the cattle keep the grass short, so bring a sun lounger to lie on. From the pier you can get into the sea. A great place for those who want to fish crabs.

Morning jetty in Torekov

"Nicer" bridge, you can not swim from in Skåne. Put on your prettiest bathrobe and take a morning swim before you shop breakfast rolls on Parkis.

Glimminge Plantering

Take a trip to Glimminge Plantering, heregoes the sun down in the ocean and you can follow the sun all the way down if you stay a while. Are you taking a day trip, Glimminge offers a nice sandy beach with beautiful views of the Kulla peninsula.


Pack a picnic basket and go to Segeltorps long nice beach. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the  Kulla peninsula and relax,


Here are many possibilities to choose from. Choose the long beach stretching from Mellbystrand to Båstad or go over to Malens swimming pools. There is also a restaurant where you can eat a good dinner


HallandsVäderö Island

Do what the locals do and take the boat to HallandsVäderö island. Here you can combine sun and bath on fine sand and grassy beaches with hiking and crab fishing. Bring your food basket or buy coffee and ice cream in the little kiosk in Sandhamn.


Dog beach

Generally, it is forbidden to bring dogs to beaches by the sea between 15 May - 15 September. But in Båstad there are two places where you can swim with your best friend all year round.

Båstad - From where Stensån flows into the sea and 150 meters north.
Segelstorpsstrand - From Vistorp harbor and 200 meters north.