Margretetorp Gästgifvaregård


-As good as beautiful-It is said that Queen Margaret stopped here once. She must have been so fond of the food that the restaurateur chose to name the place after her. The latter is probably a nice myth, but it is true that the inn has had several visits from royalty through the ages. At one of Sweden's oldest guest inns, the focus is on food, Scanian traditional food prepared from scratch. Many have traveled across Hallandsåsen and past the Bjäre Peninsula over the years and enjoyed our Scanian food - both celebrities and ordinary people. The regulars are many and several have grown up with us and continue to come year after year. We see this as a very good grade. Our popular smorgasbord is widely known and there is something for all tastes! With us you can celebrate your birthday, arrange a wedding or take a relaxing weekend. Swim in our outdoor hot tubs, go for walks in our fantastic surroundings and eat well. Maybe taste a wine from our own vineyard in Hungary? Enjoy a relaxing weekend and stay in one of our hotel rooms. The proximity to Båstad and various activities such as golf, tennis, shopping and nature means that there is something for everyone.
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