Wedding & Party at Bjäre Peninsula

Dazzling natural beauty where sea meets land makes that many people of all time came to our peninsula for marriage. Båstad and Bjäre has also a good networking between the companies in which cooperation is given. Perhaps this is why so many people choose to book their wedding right here.

Lyndsey & Joakim

Norrviken is a beautiful place for weddings. See when Lyndsey & Joakim says "I do" to eachother at Norrrviken Båstad. Production Patric Wilhelmsson. 

Church or out in the open?

For the wedding ceremony there are 6 churches to choose from on Bjärehalvön, each with its own unique character. For those who want a special place in the open air is both Hov Halls and Halland Väderö frequented.

Civil marriage

Civil marriage in Sweden is an alternative to religious marriage, there are a couple of locals who are legitimate to perform legal marriage in each municipality. 

All that belongs to the Wedding