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Homestay Båstad Ylva Hultberg

Adress Sinarpsvägen 170
Area 269 93 Båstad

Welcome to stay in Sinarpsdalen! 

Perfect for those who like to hike, play golf or just enjoy the beautiful scenery. The apartment is equipped with modern sleeping area and large living room. It has a loft with three single beds. Down in the great room is a sofa bed for two additional people. The kitchen has fridge, freezer and dishwasher. Toilet and shower available. Bjäre golf course is just a mile from here and Sinarpsdalens footpath passes our little village. Next door to us, you'll find Lindegren's charming farm shop. Weekly rentals are Sunday - Sunday. 
To learn more or to book visit our website: 
Contact: Ylva Hultberg mobile +46 (0)70 24 16 422

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