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Traditional Food

The cuisine of Skåne features goose, eel, egg cake and spettekaka. Each of these is a culinary experience in its own right, that reflect the history of both Skåne and Europe. 

Egg cake

Egg cake is part of Skåne’s culinary heritage, and is like a pancake. Egg cake is made using a pancake-like batter, but adding more eggs and more flour for a creamier consistency. Ground pepper is often also added to the batter. Egg cake can be served with fried pork or bacon, lingonberry jam and chopped white cabbage.


Spettekaka is a real Skåne party cake, made using a batter of potato flour, sugar and egg, which is slowly curled only a rotating wooden spit while baking. The cake dries out and becomes crisp, and has a distinctive taste that is reminiscent of spun sugar. The spettekaka is decorated with icing before being sliced up into small rectangles, which are ideally served with a glass of sweet wine or a cup of coffee. Greedier spettekaka-lovers also eat it with cream and jam…

Skåne’s goose dinners

A traditional goose dinner with all the trimmings is a real festive occasion. Before the golden-brown goose arrives at the table, diners enjoy a hot bowl of goose blood soup. This hearty soup is seasoned with cloves, ginger, allspice and a generous splash of brandy. The giblets are served with the soup. These are the neck, the liver, the heart and the craw, and fried wings. The goose is then served with boiled apple slices, prunes, boiled potatoes, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and a rich sauce. Apple cake with vanilla sauce is the traditional dessert, both for an eel feast and with a St Martin’s Day goose dinner. All self-respecting restaurants and inns serve goose.