Welcome to explore a ridge with history... The Hallandsås ridge!

The diversity of nature, along with a large number of cultural heritage in forest and land, makes The Hallandsås ridge on the south west coast of Sweden an exciting destination for everyone, whether you wander, bike or travel in other ways.

Hovs Hallar

The nature is amazing and unique. Here you can bring your own picnic, do some hiking or swim. It's easy to park and to get down to the rocks and the sea. During the summer, you can book climbing activities with Spirit Event.

Hovs Hallar

Click on the image to watch the movie and enjoy the magical view of Hovs Hallar nature reserve. 


Places to visit around Hallandsås ridge!

The Mail Robbery walk

The walk is held annually in May and the journey goes from the north side of Hallandsåsen where three highways running parallel, new E6, old E6 and the even older trunk road, where Queen Kristina was travelling when she left Sweden for Rome.