Travel to Båstad & Bjärehalvön



Travel to Båstad


Getting here is easy

By plane
Fly to one of Skåne’s three airports: Malmö, Ängelholm-Helsingborg and Kristianstad, or land at Copenhagen Airport, the largest hub in Scandinavia. Båstad is just 1 hour and 30 minutes away by train from Copenhagen Airport, and you’ll get amazing views going over the famous Öresund bridge on your way over to Sweden. From the closest Airport, Ängelholm-Helsingborg, it takes about 25 minutes to Båstad by car. 

Take the train
The easy way to Båstad is by train, then on to wherever you want to go. Trains arrive from all over Europe, through Copenhagen and over the famous Öresund bridge before entering Malmö central station and further on to Båstad station. You can even take your bike on the train and discover Skåne on two wheels. The company that takes you all around Skåne by train or bus is Skånetrafiken.

Drive over the Oresund Bridge, or drive on the ferry
The Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden is an easy way to get from Europe to Skåne. From the bridge in Malmö it takes about one and a half hour to get to Båstad by train or by car.
Another option is to take your car on the ferry for the last part to save both time and fuel, and land relaxed and ready for your holiday.

Öresundsbron       Ferry


Getting around is easier

Once you’re here, getting around is a breeze. Sit back and relax on high-tech, punctual public transport that will take you almost anywhere you want to go. Or drive through unhurried roads and enjoy the undulating countryside.

Go by public transport
Skåne has a well-established public transport system run by Skånetrafiken. Train services are extensive with trains running frequently across the region. Yellow regional buses also go between the cities as well as to locations outside of town. Since Skånetrafiken manages all public transport in Skåne, tickets can be transferable between lines and services.
Around Bjärehalvön you go easy with the yellow regional buses.

Timetables and how to buy tickets
The simplest way to find the timetables is through Skånetrafiken's app, which is available in English and Swedish for iPhone and Android. You can also easily buy tickets for your bus or train journey in the app.

Tickets can also be purchased at ticket machines at the train stations before your journey and from the driver on board yellow regional buses. The yellow regional buses only accept Credit/Debit card payment, no cash.
Plan your trip

Go by bike or foot around the peninsula
Welcome to experience the dramatic coastline and hilly terrain on foot or by bike.
The peninsula offers fantastic walkingtrails and roads for biking

If you come with your own boat? There are many nice guest marinas in our area.